our history

 Ready for Real ?  Then welcome to our Raw  WHATTHEHELLWASITHINKINC® world

We offer  candid powerful proven sharing  designed to make you think ,smile, laugh, feel,  reasonate and relate. Aiming  to  bring you a  you too or aha  maybe even a life changing takeaway. 

Real .Refreshing. Words clients describe us with  not salesy .Don't you hate it  people always trying to sell sell sell you something. Enjoy.


Thank You  for all your repeat referral word of mouth  business . It is how we have built our business.

You  are what drives me to face my introvert tendency to make a difference

My mission ?  To share with you so you have not so many What the hell was I thinkinc moments ..



with only 1 L

Mission + Vision

Michele was  asked to teach facilitate at a local community college. Has  taught facilitated  ever since.

Michele then  was asked to be President of a Matures Students Association .Nominated three consecutive years by her peers . Then  Michele's   Professors / colleagues told her to speak facilitate  get published.     


still today

Michele's  Bachelor of Arts, life, career experiences,  dynamic facilitating, teaching, solving problems,  and philanthropic work make her a great engaging popular facilitator with peers and participants


Michele's book Silly Things Women Do in Business was published , many marvel grin and share  with others.

topics :

  • Bringing  out the best in your team
  • Power of Now
  • Where did my Money go
  • So you want to be an entrepreneur
  • So you think you are an investor
  • Healthy vibrant lifestyles
  • Lifeskills, Softskills 
  • Financial Management
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Savy Preventative Nutrition
  • So you want to Own your own Business
  • Career Choices Development\
  • Resumes, Interviewing, Hidden Job Market
  • How to Share your Top Skills 

Michele continues to  share her candid self  with  the world  a flair for a great sense of humour and delight at our human condition  in a raw real way, people  love.

Aim  : Benefiting Businesses , participants/ audience with humour useful powerful work life business  takeaways designed to bring out the best in you make you and your business look fantastic .



ARE YOU Tired of the fake fleeting  feel good that never lasts?  We were too.





  Est  1998

We saw a need for Authentic .  Here it is.