"I would recommend this to others because it helps a person to see what potential they have. The instructor was very good at explaining information." Carol 

" Vibrant, caring soul passionate about sharing her knowledge with others and seeing them succeed." Tiana O. 

Participants recommend Instructional Facilitator Michele: "It has been an eye opening positive week for me. I looked forward to coming everyday and enjoyed meeting new people. Michele made it a lot of fun and easy to learn with her way of explaining things. The things she taught me how to deal with stress and change especially helped me as well as anger and how to turn it around to get what you want in life in general. I implemented all these things in my home life therefor creating a positive change. I learned that I need to leave my comfort zone in order to get ahead. And breaking old habits and creating new ones is important. I'm almost sad the week is over. " Lesley

"Upon meeting Michele, we found her to be very friendly and immediately engaging. She has a wonderful professionalism that shone throughout our dealings with her. She is genuinely enthusiastic about her career and taking care of the people she is looking to help."  Jade and Matthew

" One of the most positive people she knows" staff comments

" Didn't think I needed it but I always leave inspired" Josh, Engineer

" Michele is a dynamic instructor." - Jennifer

"Michele(L) is an amazing and phenomenal lady. She teaches what best for you. I really adore and will adore her as my first teacher and mentor in Canada. You really need a teacher like her in your life to lift you up, inspire and motivate you."  Hemlata Haldania 

" Super kind and passionate about what she does! She will never give up on you and always push you to be the best version of yourself."         Pavaneet  Dhaliwal

" Michele Weselake, She is excellent I love the way she lifted me up. Being my program coordinator she is one of the great tutor that I have ever seen. Full of energy radiates on her face. Awesome. Thank you Michele I really appreciate your work. I would super duper highly recommend you as a teacher." Shivangi Patel 

" Michele is such an amazing, kind and caring instructor. She has done so much to help me come out of my shell and realize my potential. I am thankful for the experience I had with her."  Terra D. 

"It was very Informative and I learned a lot about myself and my work style. There's a lot of things that are helpful in this course, and you meet a lot of good people. Michele was a good funny and informative facilitator."  Jeff 




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